data science

Optimize & Grow Through the Data You Already Have

Your data is gold. There are insights waiting for you that are prime for growth hacking your next big marketing campaign.


Behind any marketing campaign, ux enhancement or website replatform is a clean analytics visualization that allows us to immediately to ensure success quickly. Vanity metrics are 1% of the equation, while actionable insights drive transformation.

⚙️ Audit & Cleanup
🔎 Tracking Verification
📈 Actionable Reports
⚖️ Strict Annotations

Conversion Optimization

With clean data that provides actionable insights - we then devise theories to increase revenue per user. We test those theories and push obvious enhancements to production to continually move the needle and unlock new revenue.

📈 UX Analysis
💭User Feedback
⚖️ A/B Testing
📊 Multivariate Testing

Machine Learning

To achieve a true digital transformation nowadays, we need to leverage the massive amounts of data your organizations probably has. From inventory optimizations, to product reccomendations, to marketing automation - there's so much potential to build models that power applications that deliver an experience that continually learns from itself and gets better every day.

🧼 Data Sanitization
💻 Backend Integration
📈 Predictive Modeling
🧠 Neural Networks
🧠 Advanced Ai